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Suffolk Pathways Program Training Center

  • Pathways Program

    Date:Oct 1, 2014
    Time:1:30 PM Every Wednesday
    Instructor:Program Administrator: Jennifer Branham

    The Opportunities For Change  OFC Pathways Program is designed to support returning citizens (pre & post release ), the unemployed, the underemployed including veterans. This six month program provides support to individuals through a comprehensive job readiness program, case management services an industry skills training to gain new skills and opportunities that greatly increase chances to be successful and productive in society by helping to improve written and verbal communications skills, work readiness and financial management skills needed in everyday life.

    Classroom location 157 N Main St, Suffolk Workforce Development Center

    2nd Floor, in the old Virginia Employment Commission Room. Call 575514-7747 for more information

    Program Intake location: 203 Market St.  DAAU Enterprise

    Across from Wells Fargo Drive thru window


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